Chatterbox is a professional speech therapy clinic based in Perth, Western Australia. They provide personalised and individual speech, language and communication therapy for children from 18 months to 12 years of age.

With a strong focus on interactive and immersive learning environments, Chatterbox wanted their brand identity, stationery, and website to reflect the same sense of joy and wonder in a way that would appeal to both child and parent.

I achieved this vision through the use of handwritten typeface along with harmonious bright colours and relevant images, chosen to resonate with children and adults alike. The result was a light-hearted and fun brand identity that conveyed the delight and wonderment of learning through play and interaction.

Chatterbox’s website design was a progressive and colourful extension of this execution, featuring imagery of engaging learning environments alongside informative speech-related quotes.

Mediums produced:
Identity, website, stationery, display signage.

Skills demonstrated:
Graphic design, web design, retouching, art direction.