Torrance + McKenna

Producing high value handcrafted luxury furniture from their premises in Western Australia, Torrance & McKenna is one of the last remaining companies using both modern and traditional methods of upholstery and craftsmanship.

Working closely with the owners for several years it was imperative that all marketing and design collateral I produced reflected the high-end product they are creating for their clients.

To convey a similar sense of exclusivity and luxury, I produced and utilised high-end imagery, a simple and refined colour palette, and typography and language that spoke to Torrance & McKenna’s audience in an engaging and respectful way.

This project features the recent redesign and development of the new Torrance & McKenna website. Built on the WordPress platform, the design was created to reflect the aesthetic of the company’s latest collection as well as their best-selling designs.

Mediums produced:
Website, print brochures, product flyers.

Skills demonstrated:
Graphic design, web design, photography, retouching, art direction.