60 Studio

Working with M5859 Apps, my role was to assist in art direction and create designs for the 60 mobile app. The 60 app enables users to build a customised mobile storefront where they can chat directly to their customers – all in only 60 seconds. 60 app is available to clients across a wide range of industries including hair and beauty, health and fitness and food and beverage.

When assisting in art direction and creating designs for the 60 mobile app, it was important that I executed a design that allowed users to build suitable storefronts across all relevant sectors.

With vast photography and typography resources at our fingertips, we were able to build an impressive set of templates which covered each business and industry need – from the storefront to promotional cards; from the chat interface to highly informational screens.

Medium produced:
Mobile app.

Skills demonstrated:
Art direction, graphic design, mobile UI design.